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Restaurant Design Services

Restaurant Assets and Design’s professional design staff applies its unique understanding of the specialized needs of its clients to develop restaurant designs that are not only attractive but also highly functional. We’ve created an industry standard for effective and affordable design services, all based on our operating philosophy of learning as much about our client’s business through extensive research.

Restaurant assets and Design

We begin the process with an analysis of potential seating capacity for the space available. We also work closely with the client to determine furniture and equipment required, the style or motif the client desires, the anticipated needs of the service staff and overall budget requirements.

Restaurant Assets and Design’s designers then create a layout of the food service floor plan for client approval, along with a preliminary equipment and furnishings budget. Once the floor plan is finalized, plans are prepared via CAD for health department and other required approvals.

Color schemes, fabrics, furniture, finishes and fixtures

The next step is Interior Design Development, which includes color schemes, fabrics, furniture, finishes and fixtures. This is a critical step in creating the overall atmosphere of the facility, leading to the establishment of the facility’s brand identity.

The design process culminates with detailed construction drawings that integrate all aspects of the interior design, architectural features and other elements to assist the client, architect and contractor through the final construction phase.

Our philosophy is that our clients know their business and we know ours, and that by combining our shared expertise we will produce a design that is not only operationally successful, but cost-effective.


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